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2010-01-28 20:44:44 by 3XStudios

Well, if anybody actually reads this, you'd know that I have an issue with doing female figure work. Mainly because I suck at it... I mean, did you see Cammie in the last episode?! Anyway, on the last post, I mentioned that there's a shower scene that I'm dreading. It's severely kicking my ass. "But, Lee," you say ,"Why not just get online and look for nudie pics?" Well, perv. the reason is that I have specific poses that I need and I actually want to try to keep the "sexy aspect" out of it. Think about it, when you're in the shower, do you honestly pose like a friggin' playboy playmate? Well, I need a model. If anybody knows any females willing to pose for this, let me know. Nudity isn't necessary, though I do prefer it. IT'S NOT PORN, DAMMIT! Message me for details. thanks!


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2010-08-01 19:58:46

i think it would be easier if you looked at how the female would move into that "pose" in your mind before and after so more personality is in the art a sense