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2009-12-13 16:07:38 by 3XStudios

R1665: Just so you know, you'll be illustrating a minor argument between ___and ___.

3X: Cool. Been looking forward to ___ again.

R1665: You'll get your chance. Turns out ___ isn't happy with ___ on the team. ___forced him to recruit ___.

3X: Do I get to work with the whole team?

R1665: Eventually, though probably not all on the screen at once.

3X: That's cool.

R1665: Of course, they will be doing their arguing after ___ has left the room. It won't get heated but it'll get tense.

3X: Okay, I'll work that out.

R1665: Don't forget the shower scene. *Very important.*

3X: Lol! Nudity or just shy of?

R1665: Just shy of. Lot's of staple "shower shots." Facial, from the back, legs, feet, 3/4 sideways. You know, the works.

3X: Good boy.

R1665: No hentai, but enough to catch the horney male demographic!

3X: Aw, hell. (Rolls eyes.) I'll see what I can do.

R1665: Good boy.

3X: Jack ass.

R1665: Lol!

Well, looks like we're going to finally meet the full team! Maybe... Don't know yet. ;) And if you horney males out there are good for christmas, I might throw in a nipple slip... Maybe... Doubtful though. I hate doing obligitory nude scenes.


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2009-12-13 17:12:42

fuck kentucky

3XStudios responds:

Jealousy is not a good color for you. Of course, I don't think any color is a good color for you. Especially since all you've seemed to accomplish is a typical trophy in a game. Hooray... Go play your games and leave the creative insults to the people who can actually do them right.

Oh wait, fuck kentucky isn't a creative insult. t's a lame ass I can't think of any way to flame somebody so I'm going to do the typical wanna be flamer insult.

Here, try this one: Calling your dick Bunny is not a good way to get laid. As a matter of fact, you'd typically get laughed at for that shit. A little bit of girl advice to someone who obviously needs it: Girls don't do the sympathy points thing. Insulting your own pud usually just makes you look pathetic.

Now that is an insult, BunnyBeater. I'd suggest studying people who are actually good at it. You might get past the knuckle dragging high school date rapist phase if you do.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to let R1665 in on this so he can have a good laugh at your expense.


2009-12-13 23:21:50

Nah. Too easy.