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Production Begins!

2009-09-24 23:01:20 by 3XStudios

So, I've started production on my very first Flash project as an animator. I don't really plan on much animation happening considering that it's actually going to be a motion comic book series. right now I'm planning on a 20 episode arc and then we'll see what happens from there.

Brother Silas Kain is guilty of many MANY sins. And it is now his mssion to redeem himself in the only way that he knows how... And what he knows is not very nice.

Be prepared to delve into the darkest depths of nightmares that you've long forgotten about. Be prepared to face monsters and demons from the deepest depths of Hell! Be ready to face a world of madness that many wish to deny and keep hidden forever. For this is the world of The Redemptionist.


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2009-09-25 01:39:54

Keep it going!