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VG Exiles Episode 2 Drop!

2009-08-04 01:07:34 by 3XStudios

Alright! VG Exiles Episode 2 is dropping August 4th at noon! R1665 and I have been slaving over this monster for a god awful long time to get this thing done and done right. I hope you enjoy it. It was fun to work on, even though it took friggin' FOREVER to get out! But, hey... So did Halo. Anyway, keep an eye out on R1665s page for the link...

3X Studios


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2009-08-04 13:26:26

Hey! You! Yeah, person viewing this!

Scout 3XStudios!



2009-08-04 14:03:49

Nice Art Work! I could learn something from you. I hope your work gets front paged!

3XStudios responds:

Thanks. I'm working hard at trying to learn flash so that I can get some of my own projects on here. have a TON of ideas! Wish me luck!


2009-08-04 14:04:15

I watched the entire flash 5 times today. That's how good it is!